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SoS at your institution

Science of Synthesis is the largest resource for evaluated reviews of synthetic methods and features a clear and consistent presentation and discussion of the reactions, as well as the direct inclusion of experimental procedures.

A license to SoS helps support excellence in:

  • Cost efficiency: Potential savings on document delivery; archive options; manageable training effort due to intuitive interface
  • Teaching: Using SoS as a teaching tool helps your institution create highly skilled chemists
  • Research: A faster research prognosis helps users focus more on their day job
  • Service: Providing users with online access to SoS helps clear the shelves and frees up library space


Are you a librarian, information manager or head of division? Request an institutional trial or an offer for your institution.

Are you studying or working in organic chemistry? Please get in touch with us to recommend Science of Synthesis to your institution.

Institutional Offer

Workbench Edition

For researchers without institutional access to Science of Synthesis at their institution, we alternatively offer the Science of Synthesis Workbench Edition. In this edition, selected special topics from Science of Synthesis are available in softcover and e-book format.

Workbench Edition
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